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Parents vs. Instructors

Parents vs Instructors

AA Driving School


To convince young adults (Freedom Seekers)  who want to learn how to drive that AA Driving School is the right choice.  

Campaign Descriptors:

Freedom, Trust, Professionalism and Premium

Types of Media:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Possible TV Ads and Event


We wanted to take Freedom Seekers on a journey to show what it is like to learn how to drive with AA Driving School. From the first AA driving lesson until the day they get their license, AA Driving School is a part of their journey to freedom. It ends with a celebration, rewarding AA Driving School graduates with a unique pass plate to display on their car window after receiving their license.

The campaign showed that although most people prefer to be taught by their parents as the expenses are less, there are many struggles that come with being taught to drive by your parents. The campaign began with a storyboard depicting the arguments that ensue when a parent teaches their child how to drive for the first time. It also conveyed the ease of learning with a certified AA Driving School instructor. 

The next component of the AA Driving school campaign is a 360 degree video showing professionalism and knowledge of an AA Driving Instructor.

Meanwhile on social media, the campaign presented the strength of the driving school as premium trusted brand and promoted our campaign event. 

When a student completes their AA driving lessons they are eligible for a raffle to attend a Mario Kart Tournament Event where there are several Mario Kart Stations for people to compete. The winner will race professional Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton on stage in a mini tournament.

Possible Campaign Extension:

You can make a deal with AA members that if your child learns to drive with AA they get a free month of Learner’s insurance.

*Group Project Members- Donald Ng, Emma Syriopoulou, Francesca Romana Troiani, Kinia Polsiadlo, and David Vascone

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