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Kaneko's Adventure

Kaneko's Adventure


Create a three dimensional game based on any aspect from the stories of the imaginary world of Fedran. Fedran is a world where the world of magic is fading into the new world of technology.

Project Descriptors:

Simplistic, Vibrant, Adventure

Types of Media:

3D computer game


The idea is based on the character Kaneko from Fedran where she leaves the comfort of her father's kingdom to discover the world for herself. The game begins with the player safe inside the castle and the goal is to visit each area of the kingdom without wandering into enemy territories.

Possible Campaign Extension:

The game can be extended to explore various territories and vast terrains where there are new challenges for the player to encounter. For example in the desert area the player may have to collect a certain amount of objects in a set amount of time and then return to the kingdom.

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