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Marie Laveau's 

Music Box

Marie LAveau's music Box

Meadowlark Tritium Museum


The year is 2146 and climate change has vastly changed the environment in which we live in. The Meadowlark Tritium Museum has recently acquired artifacts recovered by mudlarkers and subaquatic salvage teams. Digitally recreate artifacts for curation and present an interactive exhibit at the museum. The exhibit should include an interactive user interface and opportunites for users to explore.

Project Descriptors:

Based on Marie Laveau the Voodoo High Priestess and New Orleans (The Cresent Coast)

Types of Media:

3D Digital Museum Exhibition.


My concept began with the idea of designing a 3D music box belonging to the great Marie Laveau, voodoo priestess. With this music box as my main artifact and the Crescent Coast as the backdrop from which this object was discovered the interactive exhibition revolved around the rich history and culture of New Orleans. I created a digital three dimensional interface where people could interact with virtual artifacts to preserve the originals and learn more about Marie Laveau, her music box, and other components of New Orlean's history.

Possible Campaign Extension:

Add more products and displays to the room to create a complete museum.

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