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Escape Fear

Escape Fear


To research and design a project on something that peaks your interest.

Project Descriptors:

Calming Simple

Types of Media:

3D behavioral therapy tool for the fear of water


To create a 3D game for use in exposure therapy to assist in treating patients with aquaphobia or thalassophobia (the fear of deep bodies of water). In the game, the patient will maneuver through different water-related scenes while completing simple tasks of collecting objects.

Three different scenes allow the patient to walk though different water elements with increased exposure. First, the patient collects several pool floats and toys in a swimming pool. The next challenge would be collecting seashells on the shore of an open body of water. Lastly the patient dives into the shallow ocean waters to spot the hidden tropical fish amongst the colorful coral.

Possible Campaign Extension:

Escape Fear can be expanded with more scenes involving water and/or to help others with different types fears. It can also be turned into a VR game.

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