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Sh*t Happens

Sh*t Happens

Axa Travel Insurance


To convince 18-24 year olds that they need travel insurance. The challenge is to deliver an integrated marketing campaign for travel insurance (single trip or annual coverage) targeted to young professionals. Insurance is dull, but we wanted to challenge what people expect from an insurance company.

Campaign Descriptors:

Fun, Nostalgic, Vibrant, Comedic,  Lighthearted

Types of Media:

Billboards, Social Media, Newspapers and Magazines


The idea is to bring back comic strips and use comedy and nostalgia to target young professionals. The campaign is called Sh*t Happens as many youthful travelers believe nothing bad will ever happen to them while traveling. Three characters were created: Amara, Ben and Lucy for the campaign which included billboards, social media and the Metro newspaper.


Amara, Ben, and Lucy were featured in a comic strip where they go on a backpacking adventure and run into a few issues. Luckily, Axa is there to save the day. The weekly comics depicted typical issues one can run into while traveling and how Axa Travel Insurance eliminates hassle and wasted time.


There would be a pop up escape room event where backgrounds of the comic strips are featured would be a key promotional event. Guests go through various rooms and help the characters Ben, Amara and Lucy navigate unfortunate scenarios through their holiday. It will becomes apparent the only way that Ben, Amara and Lucy can successfully make their way out is with the use of Axa Travel Insurance.

The campaign brought a young, fresh and comedic vibe to a topic most people who are 18-24 years old find boring and highlighted that things can still go wrong even though we think we are invincible.

Possible Campaign Extension:

 New characters and more extreme situations lend themselves to an even more comedic approach

Group Members:Donald Ng, Francesca Troiani, Shira Zinkin, Emma Syriopoulou

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