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Hawaiian Islands VR Tourism

Hawaiian Islands
VR Tourism

Hawaiian Islands Tourism Board


To select a brand and create a high tech AR/VR campaign.

Campaign Descriptors:

Active, Adventure, Inclusivity

Types of Media:

AR/VR Application, Display Ads, Instagram Posts, Celebrity and Influencer Endorsements


Created an interactive Virtual Reality application that allows people to reach new levels of experiencing Hawaii. This connects Hawaii to those from a distance and convince them Hawaii is their next destination or brings the magical excursions of Hawaii to those who are not capable of doing them.


The main goal for the app is to make Hawai’i accessible to everyone. While the app is all-inclusive with our app’s capabilities to bring vacationers to the islands, Millennials are the targeted segment because of their group mentality and their desire to traveling more, though they see Hawai’i as an expensive destination.


Enhancements to the app consist of a game, trip planner, and discounts for excursions. Our aim is to make the app more interactive so people will download and use the app to book their trip. We will be using real video and sounds from Hawai'i locations add authenticity and present a fully immersive experience into the Hawaiian Islands, offering the option of AR/VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality) and ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). This allows anyone to experience the extraordinary Hawaiian Islands with the use of AR or VR. From mountain tubing in Kaua’i to snorkeling in Maui, the app gives a realistic experience that shows the best of Hawai’i.


The app opens with stunning pictures of Hawai’i. Then you can click open the side menu where you can explore the different islands and start planning your trip. You begin with one excursion on each island and after the video is finished, a game to win discounts for this particular excursion appears and unlocks a new excursion. You can island hop and see what each island has to offer on land and below the sea.


The app would be launched at party with major influencers to create buzz about the app on their social media platforms. At the event, the app would be turned into a 4D experience, starting with a snorkeling room that has the correct pressure and sounds of going underwater, and then to other excursions like a catamaran cruise. Enhances the user experience and demonstrates Hawai’i’s appeal to everyone. 

Possible Campaign Extension:

There is a possibility for further exploration into more unique experiences.

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