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Hydration nation

Thirsty Planet


To reposition the brand "Thirsty Planet" as a water brand first and focus on the charitable aspect of the brand second. Thirsty Planet contributes to a great cause by bringing clean water to communities in Africa. However consumers are often confused and have issues in identifying Thirsty Planet as a water brand.

Campaign Descriptors:

Fresh, Young, and Cool.

Types of Media:

 Logo Update, Social Media, V Festival Event Sponsorship and Hydration Stations.


Proposed a slight change to their logo by combining their previous two logos to provide clarity as to what the brand is and what it stands for. We kept the new font of Thirsty planet but chose to bring back the water drop with a new twist. Within the water droplet we added a map of Africa to highlight and connect the brand's cause of building wells for African communities.

To engage young adults (18-24) we used social media (#HydrationNation) and a sponsorship at V Festival (August 19-20). The main objective is to remind our audience the importance of staying hydrated and more broadly the necessity of access to clean water on a global basis. Thirsty Planet was the Official Sponsor at V Festival and host Thirsty Planet's Rain Party, which will take place on the campsite near the stage. People have the opportunity to dance under recycled water with a color changing light up dance floor. In between songs and sets the dance switches to the #HydrationNation and the new Thirsty Planet logo. The water be recycled to water the park after the festival has ended.


At the Hydration Stations, people may participate in our #HydrationNation challenge and recreate the iconic Flashdance water scene and post it on their social media platforms. Also, people can get water bottles located at our Hydration Stations.

Possible Campaign Extension:

The Hydration Nation Event and Stations can be replicated and adapted for other events and occasions.

*Group Project Members-Donald Ng, Emma Syriopoulou, Francesca Troiani, Shira Zinkin

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