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Deep Dive on Disney

Deep Dive on Disney

Disney INC


To pick a brand and dig deeper into the company and produce a summary of your findings from your research. Offer insight about the business’ Unique Selling Point, perceived differentiation and/or possibilities for product innovation or brand extension. Show clear observations of consumer behavior and analyze what you observed.


To write a creative brief regarding your business choice and explain your decisions on why. Also, to make an infographic that represents the key aspects of the target audience you are trying to reach and to create a Top 10 “reasons to believe” it is the best of its product in its category.


To learn more about well loved company and pinpoint gaps were they could be more inclusive, so more people feel connected to it.

I dug deeper into the world of Disney and created several infographics that encompass all of the research.

First, there is "Inside the Factory".  "Inside the Factory" looks into the making of Disneyland in Shanghai and Bob Iger's involvement as the CEO of Disney. It also takes into account the cultural differences and difficulties in creating the new park in a different country.

Next, there is "Disney Diversity". "Disney Diversity" looks into the necessity of diversifying Disney Princess animations by interviewing a British male and and Italian Female. This effort resulted in both agreeing that ethnic diversity would be appreciated.

Then, there is "Disneyland Alice". "Disneyland Alice" shows what a typical millennial female who loves Disneyland is like and her interests which is an audience that may be overlooked.

There are infographics depicting some Disney Top 10s: Top 10 Tips to Conquering Disneyland, Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About the Opening of Disneyland, and 10 Hidden Things About Disneyland.

The Pixar Brief was created to promote Pixar Shorts to a different audience as well as create anticipation for their releases.

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