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An Eco-Friendly and Charitable E-commerce Fashion Brand


Create a brand or branding for an existing company or product of your choosing.

Campaign Descriptors:

Fresh, planet friendly, make a change

Types of Media:

Website, packaging, social media


For my major project I created Strive, an online shopping platform that aggregated small fashion brands with sustainable products and/or supported charitable causes. I combined fashion with charity so people could shop for stylish clothes whilst feeling good about preserving the environment. My brand provided easy access to trendy renewable apparel targeted to a broader audience than what was reached by these small to medium sized businesses separately. Strive focused on female Millennials aged 18-35, which is the key demographic for E-commerce. Millennials are wanting to support causes they care about, even more so now that donating online is so prevalent. There are plenty of small brands attempting to help our planet, however Strive is a more efficient and effective platform to gain a larger audience.


Strive is derived from the saying “Strive for a better tomorrow.” This company will improve society one piece of clothing at a time.

Possible Campaign Extension:

For this project/company there are many avenues for expansion include accessories and home decor.

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